Our research recognized the importance and challenge of school transition services. Instead of creating a new school transition work group, we partnered with an existing effort to improve school transition led by Charleston County Schools representatives and other key community stakeholders such as The City of Charleston, The Citadel, the College of Charleston, Trident Technical College, Synergy Support Services, South Carolina Commission for the Blind & the Transition Alliance of South Carolina.

Goal Statement:

  • To ensure young adults and adults of all levels of disabilities seamlessly transition to and are engaged in appropriate and meaningful adult services and opportunities in the education and the world of work.
  1. In partnership with the school district, improve process and ease of transitioning youth from children’s services to adult services
  2. Empower persons with disabilities and/or their caregivers to take proper planning decisions for the future care and supports
  • Address the gap of adult support.
  1. Increase access availability of meaningful adult day services
  2. Engage local businesses in creating and implementing an innovative model of meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities that utilizes and maximizes their skills and potential

For more information in regards to Education and School Transitions or to share your voice please contact:

John Bracy at:

Education and School Transition committee members: John Bracy (Team Leader), Robin Griffith, Jane Warner, Melinda Norris, Cindi May, Anne Osowski, Pam Brown, Jim Orgel, Jane Vaughn, Kathleen Rogers, Erica Powell and Mike Stutts.